Alice Paul, a Hero

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             Leadership comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and genders.  Alice Paul, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Black and Helen Keller are all American icons and unfortunately I know nothing about anyone of these women.  I heard of Helen Keller in grade school because she was deaf and blind and she did a lot of great things.  I know that the $1.00 coin has a picture of Susan B. Anthony but that’s about it.  I am not a history nut and frankly history bores me to the point where I fall asleep in class, but I do find the law intriguing and mystical at times.  I feel this way partly because of television and what it has done but I get excited when I am watching a show involving the law and how attorneys find loopholes just to get their client off or to send someone to jail forever.



Iron Jawed Angels was an eye opener to say the least.  I had no idea about the women’s suffrage movement and I really hadn’t heard anything about it until this movie.  In my book Alice Paul is a great leader and she is a hero.  According to this movie she was so influential that she gained the trust of many women and men just by being persistent and standing by what she believed in.  She got people to jump from the NAWSA (National American Women’s Suffrage Association) to form what is known ad the NWP (National Women’s Party), and she did all of this during a time of war.  She also was so influential that she got Woodrow Wilson and the rest of Congress to listen to her.  If you look up the word hero you should find a picture of Alice Paul next to it because she gave women a voice in this country.


            Alice Paul started a movement in the early 1900’s and what I now realize is that she had to endure a lot of adversity and criticism just to gain some equality.  She lost one of her friends, got thrown in jail, go thrown into solitary confinement, she went on a hunger strike and she was forced fed until she started to throw up and bleed.  I feel that her movement would not have continued or would have stalled if she didn’t get thrown in jail.  In the end all of her perseverance and hard work paid off when Congress voted to allow women the right to vote.

                                    It takes a hero to be able to gather so many people and make them buy into their ideas.  This is what Alice Paul accomplished and for that she is a hero.


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