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The Power of Love

February 4, 2009

The Power of Love


It was a hot afternoon and I was about 8, grandma was around 68. We never saw eye to eye and I was always a brat growing up. I did something to her and the chase was on. She grabbed her laundry stick that was made of redwood and I just ran. I ran from her house down to our house and stayed in the yard because I couldn’t get in the door. Here came grandma yelling at me and there went me off to the races again. Then I got brave and dumb, I decided to run circles around her in the yard and it was only a matter of time. She caught me and boy did I get a beating of my life. After I was done crying and I could sit down here came grandma still mad but she brought me a nice tasty ice cake that she had in her freezer. Her love radiated in that moment and every moment she was around.


Our lives are influenced by many different things however none more important than by our families. We spend almost every waking moment with them so if anyone knows us it would be them. As I got older and spent more time with my family I began to pick up their traits. Things like my grandmother’s stubbornness or my mothers will to fight and my grandmother’s enjoyment of life. It was some of these things that shaped my life. People say that we will grow up to be like our parents and when I stop to notice things I see that coming true. My mother was raised with the idea that “you will give your last dollar away if it seems like the other person needs it more.” She got this from my grandfather and unfortunately I was not able to grow up with my grandfather so I only learn things that are passed through her.


One’s family whether it is immediate, extended, hanai, or adopted plays a vital role in one’s leadership. Let’s take a look at the president for example. He lost his mother at a young age, his father was also missing so he was taken in and raised by his grandparents. This defined his life, to the point where they receive most of the credit for his success. As in many cases, even the presidents when tragedy strikes a family there is always someone there to pick a person up and turn them in the right direction.


This is what my mother and grandmother did for me and my brothers when my grandpa passed away and when my father passed away and this is what my mother is doing for me now after my grandma left us. My family is my backbone to my success.